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For the first time in history a television show will take you to a place where even the Gods themselves fear to tread...a place where some of the most clever criminals in the world will compete against the best trained Manhunters on earth for the only thing that really matters...redemption. Pull down the shades...bolt the door...and strap yourself in for the television event of a lifetime.

We're going to place twelve real life convicted felons (six men and six women) on a deserted tropical island and have them compete for one million dollars ($1,000,000 U.S.). The prize will be given to the victim of the winner's last crime.

All their lives these felons have behaved like predators as they victimized innocent men and women. Now they'll become the prey as they compete in extraordinary physical and psychological contests designed to let them know what it feels like to be stalked through the jungle.

Professional Manhunters will be brought in from all over the world to try and catch the felons before they are able to complete each episode's contest. If they complete the contest before they are caught then they move onto the next round... but if they're caught then they're removed from the show. Some episodes will conclude with a group of actual crime victims voting one criminal off the island.

"Danger Island" is a cutting edge next generation reality television show. We believe there's nothing more compelling than seeing some of the greatest criminal minds in the world competing with some of the top Manhunters from the military and law enforcement.

It will be the first show in entertainment history to take actual criminals, turn the tables on them, and show them what it feels like to become the hunted. We're also going to do something that no judicial system on earth has ever done...we're going to give an actual crime victim
a check for $1,000,000.

To learn more about "Danger Island" and how you can participate in the making of a historic new reality television show click on
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What's the new definition of Danger...we define it as 12 real life felons competing for $1,000,000 on a deserted tropical island.
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